Herald Examiner Building
This L.A. Landmark formerly housed the Herald Examiner, but is now used as a film location.

Once upon a time, I dreamt of being a journalist — even studied it in college. But times have changed, especially mass media, and nowadays newspapers pay worse than they ever did, which was never very much. Digital media’s where it’s at, which I love because it benefits everyone I know and love, self included.

Still, I enjoy learning about the history of journalism, which the old Herald building represents for me. Also, as a Los Angeles resident, that newspaper fascinates me because its history is intertwined with that of the city. They broke Black Dalia murder story, hired Agness Underwood, the first woman editor at a major paper, outdid the complacent L.A. Times when they investigated the LAPD….

It’s fun to think about, but things are much better now, as it’s easier than ever to find information, and do your own reporting. There are more ways than ever to have your voice heard, and you don’t need the permission of a crazy millionaire to do so.