Lost weight so I had no choice but to go shopping

Tried on eight pairs of pants before finding perfect fit: “Editor Barely Boot” in size 4.

See why I hate shopping?

On the bright side: I’m down two sizes! Weight loss comes easily if you avoid wheat products, which I’m doing to avoid stomach discomfort. Didn’t actively diet, but the pounds came off more easily than ever. 

Baring my fangs

For many years I avoided smiling for the camera because of my unusually sharp canines, but these days I don’t give a damn.


Husband on Handgun Radio

My husband was part of a panel of guests on Handgun Radio, a  podcast on handgun usage, news, education and discussion. 

I highly recommend this podcast because the host does a great job in focusing on safety, disproving gun myths in the media, and consideration for gun newbies—including women.