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Carryon Birds

Recently when a opossum was killed by a motorist on my street, a good number of scavenger birds descended and made short work of consuming the corpse.

Most unusual was the five or six turkey vultures that appeared to feast on the roadkill. While I often see crows, along with the occasional raven, this was the first time that I had ever seen turkey vultures on my suburban street.

Vulture in suburbia

Suburban Vulture

Ravens and vultures have territorial disagreements

Raven and Vulture

Vultures trying too look all bad-ass to intimidate crows

Crows vs. Vultures

Vulture silhouette in the sky

Soaring Vulture

Turkey vultures on telephone pole


Raven on its way to quarrel with vultures


Catching a thermal vent


Writing for the sake of it

It’s been so long since I’ve been in the habit of blogging, I’m not sure where to begin. In the past, my mind was always buzzing with ideas about what to write, and I couldn’t get it written fast enough.

But back then, my problem wasn’t the shortage of ideas, but rather gathering the courage to publish it. I think I’m over that now, thankfully!

Now I just need to focus on some topics to write about. In the meantime I’ll just write about whatever, in short bursts like this post.

Back again


After the emotional tumult resulting moving, getting divorced, and getting laid off, things have finally started to settle down for me. Now I’m feeling both relaxed and energetic, so my creative energy can flow. Feels good to be back.